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Temple Tiferet Shalom is a warm and vibrant congregation based in the Reform Jewish tradition.  We are a welcoming and inclusive community of spirituality, comfort, and life-long learning to individuals and families.  We have a culture of engaging in Jewish life through prayer, study, celebration, and social action to make our world a better place. 

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A Message from the Rabbi

January 6, 2021

22 Tevet 5781

Dear Friends,


Today democracy was assaulted. Today democracy prevailed.


Though shaken to our core, we are moved to give thanks that our nation has rejected the terrorism of the misguided, perpetrated by those egged on by fanaticism and delusion from the highest ranks of government.


Today, the people’s faith in the integrity of our constitution and the values it enshrines has been reaffirmed by a majority, a majority impelled by conscience, faith, and values to respect the rights of even those who seek to challenge the core of tradition and law that are held sacred by our nation.


Throughout the decades and even centuries, in whatever country in which Jews have dwelled, we have always prayed for the welfare of our country.


We have invoked blessings for our leaders, that they be instilled with wisdom, for our fellow citizens, that they may be kept safe from strife and disease.


And it has always been integral to our tradition to pray for justice, that it might be so ingrained that all would be able to live in dignity and security, the homeborn and the stranger alike. We pray for righteousness that it would motivate us to engage in the work of making real its demands and expressing its designs.


In this time of tumult and transition, the old prayers hold renewed meaning as we reflect upon our current experience, and as we give voice to our hopes and longings for a nation renewed, a nation restored to the pursuit of decency, imbued with concern for our environment, our health, the welfare of all who dwell in our land and all who live on this fragile orb of earth.


This coming Shabbat eve, we will pray for the welfare of our country, for our leaders, and for our future. One time-honored prayer from our beloved siddur includes the following passage. I also encourage you to recite it in anticipation of our Shabbat prayers. As always, I invite you to pray for all those who are afflicted by the COVID-19 virus, and all who need our support and caring in this challenging and fraught time.

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Temple Tiferet Shalom is thankful to CJP- Combine Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston,for their generous donations and continued support to our Temple, Preschool and Religious School through the Covid-19 pandemic.

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