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יִשְׂמְחוּ בְמַלְכוּתְךָ, שׁוֹמְרֵי שַׁבָּת וְקֽוֹרְאֵי עֹֽנֶג!

Those who keep Shabbat by calling it a delight will rejoice in Your realm!

  • Temple Tiferet Shalom engages in Shabbat through uplifting music, inspiring d’vrei Torah (sermons), inclusive onegs (refreshments and fellowship), and joyous participation. Our worship respects and honors the historical and contemporary trends within Reform Judaism by offering liturgy and poetry in a blend of Hebrew and English. Shabbat at TTS offers the space to build lasting memories and meaningful connections.

  • On Friday nights, we celebrate the diversity and breadth of Jewish liturgy and music in order to meditate on and embrace Shabbat. Every Shabbat at TTS encourages you to come as you are and celebrate modern Jewish living. Some of our favorite Shabbats include Family Shabbat, Pride Shabbat, Veteran’s Day Shabbat, ShabaBBQ, and more!

  • On Saturday mornings, an intimate circle of friends gather for Service, Snack & Study. These mornings include an informal service, schmoozing over snacks, and reflective study of the weekly Torah parshah (Torah portion).

  • Music is the connective tissue of our congregation. With instruments and voices, we share in the beauty and depth of our tradition through our music. 

  • Join us for Shabbat either in person or online!


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