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Temple Tiferet Shalom is a warm and vibrant congregation based in the Reform Jewish tradition.  We are a welcoming and inclusive community of spirituality, comfort, and life-long learning to individuals and families.  We have a culture of engaging in Jewish life through prayer, study, celebration, and social action to make our world a better place. 

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Honoring our Heritage and Building our Future (Temple Remodeling Project)

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A Message from the Rabbi


The New Year 5782 is well under way. The Fall Holidays seemed to come early, but from the Jewish perspective they were just on time! Now we have a full year of opportunities for learning, making connections, building community, and performing mitzvot to bring blessing to ourselves and others.


On Simchat Torah we danced with the Torah scrolls – outside as circumstances and good weather encouraged us to do. Each year at this season we start reading the Torah from the very beginning -- The

Torah begins with the account of creation – and then in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve are given the commandment to be caretakers of the earth and all its creations. That lesson from the Torah is also a good place for us to start this year. Other commitments that our Torah teaches, (and which tradition

elaborates upon,) found in the first chapters of Genesis, Breishit, include reminders to care for our neighbors, to accept the Jewish mission of bringing blessing to the world, to visit the sick, to study, and encourage loving relationships, to be God’s helpers in making the world conform to God’s ethical plan for humankind.


Indeed, the High Holidays gave us an extended moment to take stock of our responsibilities as human beings, to care for our earth, to rethink our commitment to fairness and justice, to inclusiveness and sustainability in all spheres of our personal, communal, national, and global existence. Events of the past two years have heightened our awareness of many problems that have shaken our society and the world, in addition to Coronavirus, we have had to confront the effects of Global Warming, Refugee Crises, Racial inequity and violence, Political Conflict, A plague of misinformation, and increasing Pollution.

We know that we cannot tackle these problems alone – that is why we invite you to become a part of our Temple community, to share in these commitments and to explore how we can lead meaningful Jewish lives, and to make a difference in the lives of others.

This year we will continue to have much to reflect upon, and work to do!

Bruchim Ha-baim – Welcome to all those who wish to experience our Temple Community

Rabbi David Kudan

Temple Tiferet Shalom

Peabody, MA

Temple Tiferet Shalom is thankful to CJP- Combine Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston,for their generous donations and continued support to our Temple, Preschool and Religious School through the Covid-19 pandemic.

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