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Temple Tiferet Shalom supports all members and their families when there has been a death in your family. We provide end-of-life support, funerals, burials, unveilings, memorial services, and bereavement counseling. Please reach out to the Temple office to connect with our caring team.

Needs some guidance when organizing a shiva? Check out these steps:

  • Remember, you aren’t a host. You are providing space for loved ones and friends (including yourself) to mourn and celebrate the life of the recently deceased, so when planning a shiva, ask for assistance from friends, guests, or a caterer in providing food and cleaning.

  • As you begin your preparation, decide at what times you will accept visitors. If necessary, make sure to notify neighbors of the presence of additional cars and people in the neighborhood.

  • Consider having a sign-in book and pens/pencils for the guests.

  • Have a good supply of tissues and chairs.

  • Consider displaying photos and memories of the deceased. This is a nice way to honor the deceased, and it encourages visitors to share memories about the person, rather than discussing only trivial matters.

  • Schedule time for a minyan (worship service) every day of shiva with the presence of 10 Jewish adults.

  • Some traditional mourning practices include:

    • Covering up the mirrors to not focus on our outward appearance

    • Lighting a seven-day yahrzeit candle

    • Sitting on low chairs or couches without cushions for the mourners

Cemeteries at Temple Tiferet Shalom

  • We have two cemeteries affiliated with our congregation: Temple Beth Shalom Memorial Park on Buxton Road in Danvers and Temple Tifereth Israel Cemetery on Route 128 in Peabody. Please reach out to the office for more information. More information can be found on the Cemetery Page here.

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