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Becoming a B’nai Mitzvah is a joyous moment for everyone in our community! 

At the Jewish coming of age ceremony, 13-year-olds celebrate their status as Jewish adults by leading, teaching, and guiding the congregation throughout a Torah service. Instead of a performance, B’nai Mitzvah demonstrate their commitment to ongoing Jewish learning and life through study, worship, and tikkun olam (acts of service and repairing the world).

At Temple Tiferet Shalom, we work with teens and their families to create a meaningful celebration and experience. By completing ___ years in the Hebrew School and working with tutors and clergy, B’nai Mitzvah candidates approach their ceremony with confidence and humility. B’nai Mitzvah partake in the time-honored tradition of reading out of the Torah scroll, working to study the trope and Hebrew reading. They are also called up to the Torah for an aliyah (honor of reciting blessings around the Torah) for the first time and share their interpretation of the Torah parsha, adding to centuries of interpretations before them.

If you are interested in learning more about the B’nai Mitzvah process or about scheduling a B’nai  Mitzvah date, please contact the Temple office.

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